ACCC Scam alerts

Here are the ACCC’s most recent SCAM alerts. Visit SCAMwatch at for all SCAMwatch radar alerts.

Update – Beware of carbon price scams

August 2012: SCAMwatch warns consumers and businesses to be on the look out for carbon price scams, particularly calls asking for personal information in order to receive compensation.

Beware of reclaim scams

July 2012: SCAMwatch warns consumers to be aware of scam calls or emails claiming that you are entitled to reclaim fees or rebates.

‘Hitman’ scam resurfaces

July 2012: SCAMwatch warns Australians to beware of SMS death threats from scammers claiming to be ‘hitmen’ hired to kill the SMS recipient unless they send cash.


Protect your retirement savings from investment scammers

July 2012: SCAMwatch and the Australian Crime Commission Board urged Australians to protect themselves from the growing threat of investment scams.