ACCAN Open 2024 Grants Round

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The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has now opened its 2024 grants round, below is the overview also provided on ACCAN’s website here.

2024 Grants Round NOW OPEN

Submit your application by: Friday 23rd February, 2024, 5pm AEDT.

Contact Us:

If you are thinking of applying, we encourage you to speak with us in advance. The Grants Team is available to help, including providing feedback on your project idea and answering any questions you have. 

Below you can find all the information you need about the Round:

2024 Round Guidelines

Consult the Guidelines for everything you need to know about how the ACCAN Grants Program works, including eligibility, how to apply, the timeline and what to expect. These guidelines contain the rules for the Program and the assessment approach.

Download:  ACCAN Grants Program Guidelines 20244.72 MB

Download:  ACCAN Grants Program Guidelines 2024341.9 KB

2024 Round Priority Themes 

All applications MUST be framed in terms of a specific consumer problem aligned with ACCAN’s strategic plan

If you are applying under the Research Stream, you MUST ALSO demonstrate alignment with one of the below Priority Themes. Priorities are formulated in consultation with ACCAN’s stakeholders and change year to year.  

2024 Priority Themes:

  • Reliable, resilient and robust infrastructure
    • Projects that inform policy settings that provide for reliable, resilient and robust infrastructure, including improving the coverage, capacity and reliability of regional, rural and remote infrastructure.
  • Digital inclusion
    • Projects aimed at supporting consumers who may face barriers to being digitally included, for example:
      • Those experiencing domestic and family violence
      • people with disability
      • regional, rural and remote consumers
      • First Nations Australians
      • young consumers
      • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
      • older Australians.
  • Connecting the community
    • Projects that examine barriers to getting and staying connected to improve digital inclusion, regardless of location, particularly for people who may face digital exclusion due to a lack of affordable access to communications services. For example, people who are:
      • experiencing homelessness
      • renting
      • residents of caravan parks
      • residents of social, affordable and public housing
      • in residential villages or aged care
      • living in supported accommodation for people with disability
  • Consumer protections and a fairer telco market
    • Projects that help consumers to engage confidently in the communications market and/or drive strengthened consumer protections. For example, projects which explore issues relating to:
      • financial hardship
      • credit assessment
      • domestic and family violence.
  • Frontiers in technology-facilitated consumer harm
    • Projects that identify emerging issues and support the development of forward-looking policy settings, including in relation to technology-facilitated abuse.
  • Accessible roadmap
  • Other

2024 Round Timeline

Expressions of Interest round OPENS30 Jan 2024
Expressions of Interest round CLOSES23 February 2024
5 pm AEDT (Sydney)
EOI Applicants informed of outcome4 April 2024
Full Application round OPENS(for invited applicants only)9 April 2024
Full Application round CLOSES7 May 2024
5 pm AEST (Sydney)
Full applicants informed of outcome1 July 2024
Funded projects can begin from1 July 2024

Contact us

We strongly encourage prospective applicants to phone or email ACCAN’s grants team to discuss your project idea. Remember, applications are assessed independently, so we are able to help you develop your idea and hone it appropriately for the ACCAN Program. We’re also available for any other questions you might have about ACCAN Grants.

Email: grants @
Phone: 02 9288 4000
Or contact us via the NRS.