The Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) is the peak body for consumer organisations in Australia.

CFA represents a diverse range of consumer organisations, including most major national consumer organisations.

CFA invites organisations and individuals that support its objectives and are otherwise qualified to Join CFA. See the Directory of CFA Members for a full list of voting and non voting members.

CFA advocates in the interests of Australian consumers. CFA promotes and supports members’ campaigns and events, nominates and supports consumer representatives to industry and government processes, develops policy on important consumer issues and facilitates consumer participation in the development of Australian and international standards for goods and services. More information about each of these activities can be found on this site.

CFA is a full member of Consumers International, the international peak body for the world’s consumer organisations.

The objectives of the Consumers’ Federation of Australia are:

To promote the interests of consumers, in particular low income and disadvantaged consumers, through:

  • Identifying areas in which the interests of consumers are being adversely affected;
  • Advocating policy and law reform changes to benefit consumers;
  • Conducting consumer awareness and information programs;
  • Liaising with other consumer and community groups to advance the interest of consumers;
  • Facilitating consumer responses to government, industry and regulators where specific funding or resources are available; and
  • Doing other things to further the interests of consumers

CFA holds its Annual General Meeting towards the end of each year (usually November) at which it elects an executive committee to run the organisation.

CFA has two part time staff.

CFA is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

CFA Auditing Policy

CFA Privacy Policy

CFA Reserves Policy

CFA Rules of Association

CFA Strategic Direction 2024–26

CFA Whistleblower Policy

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