Who controls the data your smart meter collects about you?

The UK and Australian energy markets are remarkably similar. In both markets a smart meter rollout is currently underway. Comparing the rights the UK regulator gives UK consumers to control their smart meter, against the total lack of control the  Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) offers Australian consumers, is enlightening. In this article by Dr Martin Gill makes the comment that UK and Australian electricity meters are used in exactly the same way. Both markets are deregulated so the meter readings are used to bill consumers. The readings are also used to bill retailers for the electricity they have sold to their customers.  The similarity between the two markets suggests there is nothing preventing consumers being given the same rights. Instead this analysis shows the AEMC chooses to give Australian consumers no rights while the UK regulator gives consumers complete control, read more here

Dr Gill is the Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) representative on a number of Standards Australia Technical Committees developing energy standards, as part of the CFA Standards Project

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