Wastewater and caring for the environment

 Consumers are increasingly aware of plastic and other litter damaging our water systems and environment.  There are also many products that have the potential to cause significant problems to the environment once in the wastewater system. CFA has a representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee WS-041 which is drafting a new standard on flushable products to make it easier for consumers to buy an environmentally-friendly product instead of one which clogs up drains and sewers.

Modern sewage treatment plants are becoming more like resource recovery centres. Sewage is no longer thought of as waste, but a valuable resource we can harness. Ground-breaking work at the Queensland Urban Utilities Innovation Centre is aiming to transform the sewage treatment process across Australia and the world, it includes the world’s largest replica sewer main – 1.2km of pipes which mimic the real conditions of a sewerage network.

CFA provides representatives on Standards Australia Technical Committee as part of the CFA Standards Project.  If you are interested in representing consumers on a committee see more here.