Warning on magnets in toys

Consumer Affairs Victoria reminded Victorian  parents and carers of the dangers that toys containing magnets can pose if swallowed following the recent death of a Queensland toddler.

There are a number of standards designed to minimize potential toy hazards, including a mandatory standard on children’s toys containing magnets.  The CFA has a representative, Robyn Easton, on  the Standards Australia Technical Committee CS-018 Safety of Children’s Toys, which has had active input into the amendment of the international toy standard ISO 8124-1:2009 Safety of toys. Part 1 Amd 2 of the standard relates to magnets. Currently both the international and national toy committees are concerned about magnets in toys, especially super magnets which when swallowed, join across the gut or bowel wall and cause serious injury. Older children have been particularly at risk. Using super magnets in toy products is a relatively new concept for manufacturers – they have long been used by industries such as the automotive industry, for their superior magnetic attachment properties. In a child’s product, that property is a real hazard.

CS-018 members have reviewed the amendment on magnets and it is anticipated the revised amendment will be published mid 2012 and adopted by Australia.


Image: hinnamsaisuy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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