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Complex energy offers are one of a number of barriers to competition in the energy market. on 7 March CUAC will launch the report Improving energy market competition through consumer participation. This free event will feature perspectives from industry, regulators and the consumer sector speaking about ways to strengthen the retail energy market

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New research shows welfare recipients are using payday lenders to meet regular living expenses and are then trapped in a debt spiral, continuously indebted to one or more loan companies for considerable periods according to Caught Short an Interim Report by RMIT University and the University of Queensland and funded by National Australia Bank and…

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As long ago as 2006 CFA member Choice called attention to the huge losses suffered by consumers through fees and administrative costs on lost and multiple superannuation accounts. With input from data from Rice Walker actuaries Choice estimated consumers lost between $1.2 and $2 billion per annum in unnecessary fees and charges At that time…

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Energy retail contracts have been put under the microscope in a report released by CFA member Consumer Action Law Centre. And while the report found that most contracts largely met their regulatory requirements, a lack of contract clarity, consistency and access to information, proved significant barriers to consumer understanding and effective competition. Just sign here……

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