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The Code Compliance Monitoring Committee has released its 2010-2011 Annual Report. Highlights noted in the Annual Report include an increase in self reported breaches but a decrease in serious breaches and reviews of bank compliance with IDR obligations.

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Do Not Knock Sticker keeps sellers away Do Not Knock Sticker keeps sellers away

A new national campaign will help consumers put an end to unwelcome, dishonest and intimidating door-to-door salespeople. The centrepiece of the campaign is the free Do Not Knock sticker which, when displayed in a prominent location, sends a clear message to salespeople – they are not welcome at this residence. Get yours at

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CFA is involved in Standards Australia’s roadmap to support the deployment of Smart Grids in Australia. Smart grids have the potential to provide greater ability to incorporate and distribute renewable energy, save money through reduced demand, and empower consumers to manage their energy use.

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CFA member Consumer Action is concerned about the many instances of non-compliance with the law revealed in ASIC’s review of how payday lenders comply. It has also noted some shortcomings in the responsible lending laws.

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ASIC’s review of the practices of 19 pay day and other short-term small amount lenders has found that while the majority are aware of and taking steps to comply with their responsible lending obligations, further improvements need to be made.

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payday loans = debt trap payday loans = debt trap

With the Commonwealth Parliament’s joint committee on corporations and financial services due to report soon, Annette Sampson reports in the SMH on a Queensland court decision that exposes the problems in the payday lending industry.

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