Mark Gregory from RMIT University says charges can be as high as $AUD20/MB for international data roaming and $AUD4.40 per minute to call home, but that there’s no justification. Originally published in The Conversation.

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The Productivity Commission’s report on its Inquiry into Australia’s Urban Water Sector is a mixed bag for water consumers, but it strongly endorses the need for consumer advocacy on water policy and on consumer policy generally.

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“Nanny state” is an ideological term invented by extremists to deride the innovations of modern law and government designed to offer consumers and citizens protections from risks that it is unreasonable to place on individuals alone. Of course many who now use the term d so innocently and now are merely concerned that in some…

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The Productivity Commission has released the final report on its inquiry into Australia’s urban water sector, proposing profound changes to the way water services are provided in cities and regional towns across Australia. Along the way it restated its support for national funding of a peak consumer advocacy organisation.

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The banking industry has recently announced that retailers will  be charged (or charged more than in the past) when their customers choose to use EFTPOS rather than cash or a credit card. Media reports have suggested that this may lead to some retailers sur-charging consumers for using EFTPOS. The EFTPOS consortium (mainly banks) argue the…

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AAP The Federal Government has taken significant steps in recent years to protect consumers from predatory lending practices, such as very high-interest “payday loans”. An unfortunate, though surely unintentional, consequence of lending regulation is that people on low incomes or with poor credit records may find it difficult to secure loans. Under our National Consumer…

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