Do Not Knock Sticker keeps sellers away Do Not Knock Sticker keeps sellers away

A new national campaign will help consumers put an end to unwelcome, dishonest and intimidating door-to-door salespeople. The centrepiece of the campaign is the free Do Not Knock sticker which, when displayed in a prominent location, sends a clear message to salespeople – they are not welcome at this residence. Get yours at

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payday loans = debt trap payday loans = debt trap

With the Commonwealth Parliament’s joint committee on corporations and financial services due to report soon, Annette Sampson reports in the SMH on a Queensland court decision that exposes the problems in the payday lending industry.

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Number Woman - for fair calls for all Number Woman - for fair calls for all

CFA member ACCAN is celebrating a major step forward in its campaign for fair calls following an announcement today that the telco regulator, the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) will put an end to the high cost of 1800 and 13 calls from mobiles. The ACMA has plans to alter what’s known as the…

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payday loans debt trap payday loans debt trap

A coalition of consumer and financial counselling organisations has launched a new website to ensure the hard truths are heard in the debate about the future of short term high cost loans – The new website delivers the confronting facts about payday loans, busts myths currently being spread by payday lenders, and outlines safer…

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CI Food manual cover - cute kid CI Food manual cover - cute kid

A new global tool for tracking junk food marketing looks to get governments moving on obesity. The tool, prepared by Consumers International, the global peak for national consumer organisations includes a manual for monitoring children’s exposure to unhealthy food and drink promotions launches worldwide interactive TV commercials and child-friendly websites targeted alongside traditional mediay Consumers…

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