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Growing numbers of Australian consumers are opting for organic products, and should be able to feel confident that the ingredients are in fact organic. Many products carry a symbol, logo or other trade mark to show that they are certified organic. This certification is currently performed by 7 private bodies that are accredited by the Department…

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Consumer group CHOICE is calling for improved labelling on alcoholic drinks to help people compare their beverage options. “For many people Christmas is a time to enjoy a festive drink but if they want to choose lower kilojoule tipples, right now they can’t easily compare their options” says CHOICE spokesperson, Katinka Day. “While consumers can…

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An exploratory survey of Australian grocery shoppers has shown that almost all reported that they use unit pricing to some degree to make value comparisons between products, and most said they use unit pricing frequently and for several types of value comparisons. The on-line survey of 104 members/supporters of Choice (Australian Consumers Association) was conducted…

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