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Australia’s leading consumer groups will join forces in Canberra today to call on the Federal Government to strengthen our laws to stop irresponsible, harmful lending practices in our financial services sector. “Irresponsible lending and crippling debt are having a real, devastating impact on Australians, putting people at risk of bankruptcy, homelessness and life-long debt,” says…

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ASIC is warning consumers about companies that claim they can fix a poor credit rating. ASIC is running a month-long campaign, with other Commonwealth, state and territory agencies, to help consumers understand that by using credit repair and debt management firms they may end up paying high fees. Consumers should be aware these companies often…

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Financial counsellors welcome today’s commitment by the banking industry to better banking, including making financial hardship support programs more accessible and setting up a debt repayment service. But the big question remains: why is there still no funding for financial counselling? Most of the clients seen by financial counsellors have debts with banks, yet the…

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