Domestic Violence

Financial Counselling Foundation

“The $7.75 million will enable the foundation to not only provide support to existing grants that are
about to expire, but also implement new projects,” Mr Brouwer said. “This comes at a time of great
financial hardship and, consequently, a time of huge pressure on the financial counselling sector.
“Our funding priorities include family violence victims, tenants at risk of homelessness, First Nations
communities and people in prison.”

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A tenancy advocate and financial counsellor, a domestic violence support group, a child safety program and media stories about funeral insurance were the winners of the 2022 Consumer Protection Awards. This is a media release from The Government of Western Australia: Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. It was originally published on 2nd August, 2022. The winners…

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ASIC has adopted a temporary no-action position to enable large banks (‘eligible licensees’) to withhold the reporting of certain credit information on consumer credit reports where reporting the information could lead to consumer harm, including where a consumer may be the victim of family violence. This is a media release from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).…

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Customer-owned banking institutions may need to step up support for consumers experiencing vulnerability as pressures on people increase and ahead of the introduction of more stringent obligations under a new Code of Practice, a new Report says. This is a media release from Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee. It was originally published on 23rd June, 2022.  While saying many…

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Australian banks are launching updated guidelines on financial abuse as part of their continued focus on responding to family violence and elder abuse. The updated industry-wide approach is designed to ensure bank staff are equipped to recognise signs of financial abuse. This is an ABA media release, originally published on 4th April, 2021. “This kind of…

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The general insurance industry committed itself to new requirements relating to family violence policies from 1 July 2020. From that date all subscribers who provide retail insurance products are required to: “… have a publicly available policy about how we [the subscriber] will support you [the consumer] if you are affected by family violence. This…

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