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Consumers want improvements to online grocery selling sites

Consumers want improvements to online grocery selling sites Online food and grocery sellers in Australia should make it much easier for shoppers to compare the value of items on their websites, says CFA member Queensland Consumers Association. QCA spokesperson, Ian Jarratt, says online grocery sellers can best do this by providing the unit price (price [...]

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John Furbank reports: 3rd meeting of ISO PC249 Guidance on unit pricing

John Furbank, the Chair of the ISO/PC 294 recently attended the 3rd meeting on unit pricing. He reports to us below. The 3rd meeting of ISO PC294 Guidance on unit pricing was held at the headquarters of Shufuren (association of consumer groups) Tokyo, Japan in December 2016. Standards Australia is the Secretariat for ISO PC [...]

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ISO talks with John Furbank: The price is right

In an increasingly price-conscious world, being able to compare prices of equivalent products in order to make an informed choice is a consumer right. But with the explosion of pre-packaged goods in different types of packaging and product sizes that has hit our shop shelves, making that choice is no easy task. To get around [...]

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Consumers call for political parties to help ease the squeeze on living standards

The Queensland Consumers Association (QCA) and other consumer groups1 want all parties contesting the forthcoming federal election to do much more to help consumers experiencing cost of living pressures. QCA spokesperson, Ian Jarratt, says being able to easily and quickly get better value at the supermarket would help consumers to “ease the squeeze” on living [...]

Comparing prices to get easier with new standard in development

In a price-conscious world, being able to compare prices quickly and effectively is a growing consumer demand. A new standard in development on unit pricing will help. Consumers are increasingly using price as a factor when making purchase decisions1. But with an explosion in product choices – a survey of an Australian supermarket, for example, showed it [...]

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The price choice: Consumers want comparative pricing, The ISO Project Committee aims to deliver just that

                    Ian Jarratt, an Executive member from the Consumers Federation of Australia, is the leading voice on the ISO Project Committee, who are creating a standard on Unit Pricing. Today, he sits with us to explain the importance of comparing prices for consumers.  The unit price [...]

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