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The Consumer Action Law Centre has welcomed the Federal Government’s ban on credit providers making unsolicited credit card limit increase offers to customers, but believes that ambiguity in the regulations governing the ban will see credit providers attempt to evade and undermine it. The Centre has also warned that the Government will need to respond quickly to any such attempt if it wants to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the ban.

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Rod Sims ACCC Chair Rod Sims ACCC Chair

Rod Sims, new chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission made his first address to the Melbourne Press Club on 10 October 2011, putting a number of sectors on notice, including the major supermarket chains. “The two major supermarkets have significant market power, with many smaller suppliers feeling they lack a real ability to…

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SCAMwatch is warning Australians to continue to be wary of scammers who offer bogus government rebates for the installation of solar panels and scam websites that either falsely claim to be affiliated with government or boast bogus government endorsements.

Read these latest scam watch alerts from the ACCC.

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“Nanny state” is an ideological term invented by extremists to deride the innovations of modern law and government designed to offer consumers and citizens protections from risks that it is unreasonable to place on individuals alone. Of course many who now use the term d so innocently and now are merely concerned that in some…

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Peter Kell Peter Kell

On Monday 12th September 2011 in Canberra more than 70 business, industry association and government representatives attended the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce forum Small business and scams: sorting out the shams. Academics, compliance and enforcement experts and small business specialists, including ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper, shed light on their experience of scams, the…

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The Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) protects consumers against loss if a travel agent becomes insolvent. Consumer group submissions have been important in ensuring that the TCF continues to offer statutory protection to Australian consumers. Earlier this  year a government discussion paper raised options for the future of the TCF. One option was to wind up…

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A sunscreen without nano particles was recently forced to tone down its advertising claim that it was safer than alternative products which do contain nano particles. In electronic media advertising the company stated that “Unlike most sunscreens Invisible Zinc is a physical barrier between you and the sun.” Online the ads went further, saying that…

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Persons with disabilities make up an estimated 10 per cent of the world’s population, eighty per cent of which reside in developing countries. Furthermore, a quarter of the global population is directly affected by disability, as care-givers or family members. [source: UN International day of Persons with Disabilities 2011 Introduction. See www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1561] To support this…

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