Sunscreen and nano tech – safety and consumers’ right to know?

Standards Australia has two committees working in this area which include CFA representatives. With recent controversy on claims made by a sunscreen without nano particles, the work of the committees is as important as ever.

CS-042 Sunscreen Agents is currently revising AS/NZ 2604:1998 Sunscreen products: evaluation & classification with the aim to bring it more inline internationally.  CS-042 is also the  Australian mirror committee to the international standard ISO TC 217 Cosmetics WG7 Sun protection test methods.  Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and sun protection creams and lotions in Australia have vital health consequences, so input into these international standards is crucial.

NT-001 Nanotechnology and ISO. It was acknowledged at the International Standards Organisation (ISO) that consumers have the right to be informed about nanotechnology and for any concerns to be acknowledged and addressed.  Australia, through  Standards Australia’s NT-001, is one committee that has had a consumer representative on the international committee for the past 4 years, almost since its inception. See here for more info Nanotechnology and ISO

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