Still time to have your say on unit pricing

The future of a federal regulation that requires large supermarkets to provide the unit price (price per unit of measure – such as per 100g and per litre) on shelf labels, etc. for packaged grocery items is being reviewed by the Federal Government.

The review includes a short online consumer survey which can be accessed here until 28 February.

According to the Queensland Consumers’ Association (QCA), the survey provides a much needed, and long overdue, opportunity for consumers to have their say on existing grocery unit pricing and on what they want in the future, including whether other retailers such as chemists (for non-prescription items) and hardware stores should also be required to provide unit pricing. 

“There are many and major systemic problems with the quality of far too much of the unit pricing currently provided by grocery retailers that need to be fixed,” says QCA spokesperson Ian Jarratt.

The main problems include:

  • inadequate prominence and legibility
  • non/obscured provision
  • inconsistent units of measure
  • insufficient consumer education
  • insufficient monitoring and enforcement of compliance.

These problems greatly reduce the ability of millions of consumers to make more informed choices, to cope with cost of living pressures and declining living standards, and to save time and money. . 

So, if you care about the future of unit pricing and want better and more unit pricing, participate in the online survey by 28 February.

You can also submit answers to questions in the review discussion paper.