Standard on drinking water treatment units open for public comment

A kitchen tap pouring water into a sink

Tap water is one of our most important and basic necessities. Most Australians don’t have to worry about getting sick from the water they’re supplied with. The downside of ensuring safe drinking water is the lingering taste and smell of disinfectant, causing many people to opt for a water filtering system (read more here).

Water treatment units may work by mechanical filtration or by reducing or treating microbiological or chemical contaminants (organic or inorganic) that affect water taste, odour and colour. Water treatment units may be effective in controlling one contaminant or a combination.

The draft Standard open for Public Comment specifies performance requirements for the design, installation and testing of drinking-water treatment units designed for domestic and commercial application under Australian and New Zealand climatic conditions.

Consumers’ Federation of Australia has a representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee which revised AS/NZS 3497.1 Drinking water treatment units – Plumbing requirements, Part 1.

The standard is open for public comment until 18 October 2019. Make your comments on the Standards Australia website  here.

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