Smart products – protect yourself and your family from risks

The number of smart products and objects connected to the internet is rapidly expanding. Worryingly, some products are so insecure that someone with minimal hacking skills can access cameras and microphones, communicate directly with people in the house or access other devices in the home.  Consumers International and the Internet Society have produced a video and some practical advice to help us understand the issue – read more here

Smart products can enhance our lives but there can also be risks. These devices can help to organise family life, give new insights into our health and wellbeing and let us monitor things in the home from a distance. However, many of today’s smart products are rushed to market with little consideration for basic security and privacy protections.

Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) has a representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-042 Internet of things and related technologies which is a participating member of the international committee ISO IEC JTC 1.  Read more about the CFA Standards Project and how to get involved.