Current CFA Representatives

Below are the names of consumer representatives on various government or industry bodies. In line with our Consumer Representation Policy, CFA can appoint representatives or nominate representatives for consideration by the appointing body. In some instances, the appointing body makes the appointment without involving CFA, however we encourage bodies to consider the representative policy.

Financial Ombudsman Service
FOS handles disputes about banking, credit, insurance (general and life), financial planning, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts. See
CFA representatives on FOS: David Coorey, Carmel Franklin, Elissa Freeman, Catriona Lowe

Credit and Investments Ombudsman
CIO resolves disputes between consumers and mortgage/finance brokers and other financial service providers. See
CFA representatives on CIO: Loretta Kreet, Amanda Barker

National Association of Testing Authorities Council
NATA is Australia’s national authority for the accreditation of laboratories that carry out testing, measurement, inspection and calibration. See
CFA representative on the NATA Council: Gail Greatorex

Standards Australia
CFA nominates representatives to Technical Committees through the CFA Standards Project. Details available on the Standards Project pages of this website.
CFA Standards Project Co-ordinator: Regina Godfredson

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
The TIO handles disputes about telephone services, mobile phones, internet services. See
CFA representatives on the TIO: Teresa Corbin, Paul Harrison, Catriona Lowe, Gordon Renouf

Australian Federation of Travel Agents
AFTA’s accreditation scheme compliance committee oversees the integrity of the scheme, reviews and determine consumer complaints and allegations of non-compliance with the standards, and provides a fair outcome for all parties. See
CFA representatives on the AFTA compliance committee: Paul Holmes, John Berrill

Weight Management Council of Australia
WMCA oversees the implementation of the voluntary Weight Management Industry Code. See
CFA representative on the WMCA: Mihn Nguyen

ASIC Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)
The CAP advise ASIC on current consumer protection issues and give feedback on ASIC policies and activities. See
CFA representative on the CAP: Nicola Howell

NMI Consumer and Industry Liaison Committee
CFA representative: John Furbank