Current CFA Representatives

Below are the names of consumer representatives on various government or industry bodies. In line with our Consumer Representation Policy, CFA can appoint representatives or nominate representatives for consideration by the appointing body. In some instances, the appointing body makes the appointment without involving CFA, however we encourage bodies to consider the representative policy.

Financial Ombudsman Service

FOS handles disputes about banking, credit, insurance (general and life), financial planning, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts. See
Consumer representatives on board of FOS: David Coorey, Carmel Franklin, Elissa Freeman, Catriona Lowe

Credit and Investments Ombudsman

CIO resolves disputes between consumers and mortgage/finance brokers and other financial service providers. See
Consumer representatives on board of CIO: Loretta Kreet, Amanda Barker

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

From late 2018, AFCA will replace become the sole dispute resolution service across financial services, including banking, credit (including brokers), insurance, financial advice, and superannuation. See

Consumer representatives on board of AFCA: Carmel Franklin, Elissa Freeman, Catriona Lowe, Erin Turner

FSANZ’s Consumer and Public Health Dialogue (CPHD)

The CPHD provides a means by which FSANZ can engage in deeper consultation with peak consumer and public health bodies and academics, with the objective of improving FSANZ’s understanding of community food safety and public health issues, and through this communication, provide a more effective food regulatory response.See

CFA representaive on the CPHD: Ian Jarratt

National Association of Testing Authorities Council

NATA is Australia’s national authority for the accreditation of laboratories that carry out testing, measurement, inspection and calibration. See
CFA representative on the NATA Council: Gail Greatorex

Standards Australia

CFA nominates representatives to Technical Committees through the CFA Standards Project. Details available on the Standards Project pages of this website.
CFA Standards Project Co-ordinator: Regina Godfredson

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

The TIO handles disputes about telephone services, mobile phones, internet services. See
Consumer representatives on board of TIO: Paul Harrison, Catriona Lowe, Gordon Renouf

Australian Federation of Travel Agents

AFTA’s accreditation scheme compliance committee oversees the integrity of the scheme, reviews and determine consumer complaints and allegations of non-compliance with the standards, and provides a fair outcome for all parties. See
CFA representatives on the AFTA compliance committee: Paul Holmes, John Berrill

ASIC Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP)

The CAP advise ASIC on current consumer protection issues and give feedback on ASIC policies and activities. See
CFA representative on the CAP: Gail Pearson

National Measurement Institute (NMI) Consumer and Industry Liaison Committee (CILC)

The CILC’s principal purposes are to allow representatives of NMI, industry and consumers to exchange views about trade and regulatory matters as they relate to trade measurement and to formulate advice to NMI aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework and service levels. See

CFA representative: John Furbank

Code of Banking Practice Code Compliance Monitoring Committee

The CCMC’s purpose is to ensure banks comply with their obligations under the Code of Banking Practice – ultimately to create a better banking experience for customers. See

Consumer representative: Gordon Renouf

Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice Code Compliance Committee

The Code Compliance Committee supports credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies to achieve service standards Australians can trust. See:

CFA representative: Carolyn Bond

General Insurance Code of Practice Code Governance Committee

The Code Governance Committee (CGC) is the independent body that monitors and enforces insurers’ compliance with the Code. See

Consumer representative: Brenda Stagg

Insurance Brokers Code of Practice Code Compliance Committee

The Code Compliance Committee oversees the code which sets out the minimum service standards that clients can expect from brokers. See:

Consumer representative: Julia Davis

Life Insurance Code of Practice Code Compliance Committee

The Life CCC independently monitors the Code to ensure life insurance companies are meeting their obligations, and achieving service standards consumers can trust. See:

Consumer representative: Alexandra Kelly

Solar Retailer Code of Conduct Code Review Panel

The oversight, monitoring and direction of the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is undertaken by the Code Review Panel. See:

Chair: Gerard Brody; Consumer representative: Damien Moyse

Energy & Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

EWOV is a not-for-profit, independent and impartial dispute resolution service, and handles most complaints about energy and water issues, providing Victorian customers with free, accessible, informal and fast dispute resolution. See:

Consumer representatives on board of EWOV: Peter Gartlan, Gavin Dufty, Gerard Brody, Ronda Held

Energy & Water Ombudsman of South Australia

EWOSA is an independent service that can investigate and resolve disputes between electricity, gas and water retailers and distributors and their customers. See:

Consumer representatives on board of EWOSA: Ms J Byrne, Ms M Cross, Ms W Eyre, Ms K Matthias

Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) is the government approved dispute resolution scheme for New South Wales electricity and gas customers, and some water customers. See:

Consumer representatives on board of EWON: Robyn Evans, Maria Good, Max Bosotti, Wayne Warburton, Iain Maitland