Can you represent consumers on a Standards Australia Technical Committee on tampons?

Two pharmacists serving a customer at the store counter

Consumers Federation of Australia provides consumer representatives to Standards Australia Technical Committees as part of the CFA Standards Project.

An opportunity exists to represent consumers on a Standards Australia Technical Committee which will be revising the quality and performance of tampons in the current Australian standard. 

Tampons are required to comply with Therapeutic Goods (Standards for Tampons) (TGO 103) Order 2019 before they can be supplied in Australia. By getting involved you can ensure the product meets safety requirements and the expectations of consumers.

The representative will advocate for consumers’ interests to be taken into account, and for the standard to include acceptable requirements for consumer protection.

For effective participation in the work of the Technical Committee, it is desirable that committee members are able to attend the meetings in person; however, as this is not always possible, audio, video and web-conferencing facilities may be made available.

For more information and to submit a brief resume please contact the Standards Coordinator Regina Godfredson at

Applications close soon.