Represent consumers at Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

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The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner (VLSB+C) seeks expressions of interest to serve on its new Consumer Advisory Committee.

The VLSB+C has formed the view that it needs a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of consumers and potential consumers of legal services. To meet this objective, the VLSB+C is establishing a Consumer Advisory Committee.

The aims of the committee are to:

  • Provide a rich and nuanced consumer perspective to the activities of the Board and Commissioner, with a focus on current, potential and future consumers with less economic power, particularly personal, small business and Not-for Profit consumers, and especially those who may be in a position of vulnerability when using legal services;
  • Commission and analyse research to assist in providing such a consumer perspective;
  • With the support of a secretariat, prepare and publish from time to time reports and data that are useful to the profession, academics, government, regulators and the public generally in understanding the needs and views of consumers in relation to legal services.

VLSB+C seeks people with a range of skills and experience, including:

  • consumer research and social science expertise;
  • consumer policy development;
  • consumer advocacy;
  • community sector work with particular contact with vulnerable consumers; and
  • any other relevant experience and expertise.

Preference will be given to lay people who are familiar with the legal sector, particularly where that familiarity is acquired through working with consumers.  The VLSB+C also seeks a range of committee members who reflect the diversity of the Victorian community.

Expectations of committee members:

The Committee is expected to meet 6-8 times per year.  Between meetings, committee members will be expected to supervise and participate in producing reports and research analysis with the secretariat. 

The position is paid as a sessional appointment in accordance with Schedule C, band 1(a) of the Appointment & Recruitment Guidelines (Department of Premier & Cabinet, 2018) as approved by the Board in each financial year.

Successful applicants will need to complete probity checks.

How to apply:For all enquiries regarding this position, please contact Jennie Pakula on (03) 9679 8074 or via email at   

View the full position description here.