Submissions and Reports

August 2022: Submission to Energy Security Board Issues Paper on Electronic Vehicle Smart Charging Standards

June 2022: Toppling Furniture Consultation Paper – Assessment of Regulatory Options

March 2022: Response to Domestic Organics Regulatory Framework Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)

February 2022: Submission on Draft Proposed Revisions to the Recommendation of the G20/OECD High-Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection

January 2022: Submission to Treasury Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Supporting business through improvements to mandatory standards regulation under the Australian Consumer Law

September 2021: Joint submission with CHOICE to Productivity Commission Right to Repair Inquiry – further submission from Consumers’ Federation of Australia

August 2021: 2021 Review of the Australian Banking Association (ABA) Code of Practice: Joint submission by consumer organisations

June 2021: Submission to Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC), on Review of the ePayments Code: Further consultation

June 2021: Submission on the Exposure Draft of the Competition and Consumer (industry codes – unit pricing) Regulations 2021 and the outcomes of the Review of the Unit Pricing Code of Conduct

May 2021: Submission in relation to Reforming Australia’s Measurement Legislation Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement

May 2021: Submission to the review of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA) Code

April 2021: Joint consumer submission to the Review of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority

February 2021: Submission to ASIC on the Review of the ePayments Code

October 2020: CFA Comments on the Standards Australia Supply Chain Resilience Discussion Paper

September 2020: CFA Submission to the Consultation on the National Preventative Health Strategy

September 2020: CFA Submission to Evaluation of Country of Origin Labelling for Food Discussion Paper

September 2020: CFA Submission to NDIS Consultation on Support Coordination

August 2020: CFA Support for ACCAN’s Submission on the Emergency Call Service Industry Code

July 2020: CFA Submission to ACCC on Draft Determination for Australian Banking Association

July 2020: CFA Submission to the Standards Australia Company Governance Review

May 2020: CFA Submission to ACCC on Interim Authorisation for Private Healthcare Australia Limited

May 2020: Joint Consumer Group Submission to ACCC on Interim Authorisation for NBN Co and Ors

May 2020: Joint Consumer Group Submission to ACCC on Interim Authorisation for Australian Energy Council

May 2020: Joint Consumer Submission on AFIA Buy Now Pay Later Code of Practice and AFIA Terms of Reference for the BNPL Code Compliance Committee

May 2020: CFA Submission to the Button Battery Task Force ACCC

May 2020: Joint Consumer Submission to ACCC on Interim Authorisation for Participating Supermarkets

May 2020: Joint Consumer Submission to ACCC on Interim Authorisation for Australian Banking Association

November 2019: CFA Submission on Improving the Effectiveness of the Consumer Product Safety System

July 2019: CFA Submission on the SA Distribution and Licencing Policy Framework

July 2019: CFA response to Options Paper: Possible Amendments to Constitution Arising from the Telecommunications Consumer Safeguards Review

May 2019: CFA Submission to Review of the ePayments Code

April 2019: CFA Submission to Defamation Law Review

February 2019: CFA Submission to Grocery Unit Pricing Review

November 2018: Joint letter calling for a PC inquiry into private health insurance

October 2018: CFA Submission to Consultation on Treasury Laws Amendment (Gift Cards) Regulations 2018

August 2018: CFA submission to Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code review

August 2018: CFA Submission to Consumer Safeguards Review Part A – Redress and Complaints Handling

July 2018: CFA Submission to Productivity Commission on Superannuation. See here for more information on the Superannuation Consumers’ Centre.

April 2018: Good practice principles for consumer advocate involvement and expectations of development and reviews of industry codes and external dispute resolution (EDR) schemes

February 2018: CFA Submission on the regulation of the export of organic products

September 2017: CFA submission to the Standards Australia Review of Technical Governance Issues Paper

July 2017: Review of National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009 – Submission to Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

February 2017: CFA Draft Submission to Productivity Commission (2 pages PDF)

November 2016: Consumers Federation Australia 2016 Financial Report (10 pages pdf)

September 2016: Joint Consumer Representative Submission to the Australian Bankers Association (115 pages pdf)

June 2016 CFA submission to the ACL Review Issues Paper (4 pages pdf)

March 2015 – CFA Submission to Inquiry into the Commonwealth’s Treaty-making Process not currently available

March 2015 – CFA Submission to Financial Services Inquiry Final Report not currently available

November 2014 – CFA Submission to draft report by Harper Competition Review Panel not currently available

November 2014 – CFA submission to Communications Alliance on the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code review not currently available

June 2014 – CFA Federal Competition Review Submission not currently available

September 2013 – CFA Consumer Agenda for 2013 Federal Election not currently available

January 2013 – CFA Budget Submission: Making Markets Work Better – Supporting the Consumer Voice not currently available

July 2012- Submission to the post implementation review of the grocery unit pricing code not currently available

March 2009 National Consumer Credit Law – Briefing Paper – Ensuring Access to Justice not currently available

Sept 2008 Explains why the Federal Government should fund a peak Consumer organisation as recommended by the Productivity Commission not currently available

April 2008   Submission to the 2020 Summit not currently available

Feb 2008 Conference Proceedings – Consumer Representatives Forum July 2007 not currently available

June 2007 Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry on Consumer Policy, including the two appendices; A Strong Consumer Voice, and ACCC enforcement analysis (24 pages) not currently available

October 2006 Submission to the Law and Justice Committee inquiry into unfair terms in consumer contracts (22 pages) not currently available

April 2006 Submission to the Productivity Commission Standardisation and Accreditation Review (8 pages) not currently available