Submissions and Reports

February 2017: CFA Draft Submission to Productivity Commission (2 pages PDF)

November 2016: Consumers Federation Australia 2016 Financial Report (10 pages pdf)

September 2016: Joint Consumer Representative Submission to the Australian Bankers Association (115 pages pdf)

June 2016 CFA submission to the ACL Review Issues Paper (4 pages pdf)

March 2015 CFA Submission to Inquiry into the Commonwealth’s Treaty-making Process  (2 pages pdf)

March 2015 CFA Submission to Financial Services Inquiry Final Report  (9 pages pdf)

November 2014 CFA Submission to draft report by Harper Competition Review Panel  (9 pages pdf)

November 2014 CFA submission to Communications Alliance on the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code review  (9 pages pdf)

June 2014 CFA Federal Competition Review Submission  (16 pages pdf)

September 2013 CFA Consumer Agenda for 2013 Federal Election  (10 pages pdf)

January 2013 CFA Budget Submission: Making Markets Work Better – Supporting the Consumer Voice  (26 pages)

July 2012 Submission to the post implementation review of the grocery unit pricing code  (3 pages)

March 2009 National Consumer Credit Law – Briefing Paper – Ensuring Access to Justice (10 pages pdf)

Sept 2008 Strengthening Consumer Voices (12 pages pdf) Explains why the Federal Government should fund a peak Consumer organisation as recommended by the Productivity Commission.

April 2008   Submission to the 2020 Summit (5 pages)

Feb 2008 Conference Proceedings – Consumer Representatives Forum July 2007 (51 pages)

June 2007 Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry on Consumer Policy, including the two appendices; A Strong Consumer Voice, and ACCC enforcement analysis (24 pages) not currently available

October 2006 Submission to the Law and Justice Committee inquiry into unfair terms in consumer contracts (22 pages) not currently available

April 2006 Submission to the Productivity Commission Standardisation and Accreditation Review (8 pages) not currently available

November 2005 To the ACCC rejecting authorisation application by Cash Converters (pay day lending) not currently available

October 2005 Briefing on Consumer Advocacy in the National Electricity Market (2 pages) not currently available

September 2005Submission on Corporate Social Responsibility to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services (9 pages)

Some of the publications above are not currently available for download. If you would like a copy please contact us.