Public comment invited on standard for demand response between remote agents and electrical products

Demand response aims to ensure stable energy during times of peak demand to avoid disruptive power outages. Standards Australia is inviting Public Comment for DR AS 4755.2:2019, Demand response capabilities and supporting technologies for electrical products, Part 2: Demand response framework and requirements for Communications between Remote Agents and Electrical Products. AS 4755.2 applies to electrical products capable of responding to operational instructions from a remote agent without a Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED).

An important stage in the development of an Australian Standard is the Public Comment period and Australian Standards are available in draft form during the public consultation period to allow any interests concerned with the application of the proposed Standard to review the draft and submit their commentsClosing date is 6 August 2019. For information about the consumer experience of demand response trails read Demand response customer insights report (2018)

This Standard was prepared by the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee EL054, Remote Demand Management of Electrical Products. Consumers Federation of Australia has a representative on the committee as part of the CFA Standards Project.  Find out how you can represent consumer interests in the development of standards here.