Product recalls apps for iPhone and Android

With more than 400 products recalled in Australia last year, finding out about them has never been easier.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an Android version of its Recalls Australia app to provide easily accessible information on recalled consumer goods.

“The launch of this free app means people using an Android phone can now quickly and easily check Australian product recalls from their mobile phone,” ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said today.

“Knowing when products are recalled means consumers can act quickly to remove potentially harmful products from their homes.

“Businesses will also find the app a useful additional tool to ensure that products are removed from shelves.

“The app lists information for each recall, including the name of the product, where it was sold, any identifying features such as a batch number or use-by date, a description of the hazard and what to do if you have the product,” Ms Rickard said.

“It means that you can check recalls even when you’re out and about, such as shopping at garage sales where a recalled product may have unknowingly been made available for sale.

“The app also allows people to take a photo of a product they think is unsafe and report it to the ACCC using their phone,” Ms Rickard said.

The ACCC is interested in feedback from consumers and the business community about how we can best inform you about product safety. If you have an idea, you can email the product safety team via

The app is based on data from the ACCC’s Recalls Australia website – – and is available from the Google Play store at no cost. The ACCC will also shortly release a mobile friendly version of the website.

You can also find out about product safety issues online via the Product Safety Australia website, Twitter (@ProductSafetyAU), Facebook (ACCC Product Safety) and a dedicated ACCC Product Safety YouTube Channel.

An iPhone version of the Recalls app was released in October last year.