Paid too much for IT products? Do tell.

Research by CFA member CHOICE has exposed price differences of approximately 50% across computer, software, gaming and music products. CHOICE believes that international price discrimination is the most likely cause for Australia’s higher prices.

CHOICE wants you to share your examples of price discrimination on IT goods.

Recently CHOICE made a submission to the parliamentary inquiry calling for fair prices for Australians for IT goods.

At the same inquiry, the technology industry denied allegations of price gouging and is instead placing the blame on a variety of other factors, including the costs of honouring warranties in Australia.

CHOICE rejects their excuses, maintaining that price discrimination is the most plausible reason for the higher prices Australian pay.

CHOICE suggest that Australian consumers are wise to price discrimination from international brands and wants to hear your stories of when you’ve paid more just because you’ve bought something here.

If you have examples of computer, software, gaming or music products costing more in Australia than in other countries, log your concerns as a comment the CHOICE article or email

You can also share your examples on CHOICE’s Facebook page or on Twitter account.