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The Australian Consumer Law’s unfair contract terms provisions are set to be tested in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) after CFA member, the Consumer Action Law Centre issued proceedings against internship and work experience agency Borch Leeman on behalf of one of its clients. As well as the alleged unfair contract terms, Consumer…

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The Consumer Action Law Centre has welcomed the finding from a parliamentary committee of inquiry that Australia’s responsible lending laws don’t sufficiently protect consumers from harmful payday loans. However, the Centre said it was disappointed the inquiry hasn’t supported a cap on the cost of credit, and it has called on the Government to stay…

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Mark Gregory from RMIT University says charges can be as high as $AUD20/MB for international data roaming and $AUD4.40 per minute to call home, but that there’s no justification. Originally published in The Conversation.

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CFA member CHOICE says the Federal Government has failed to put the best interests of Australian consumers first on nutrition labelling, in its position released ahead of the 9 December meeting of food and health ministers. Almost a year since the report of the independent Food Labelling Review, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Catherine King, today…

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