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According to the communications regulators, ACMA, it is unclear whether industry initiatives have resulted in a real reduction in the level of children’s exposure to food and beverage advertising on free-to-air television, and there is continuing community concerns around food and beverage advertising to children.

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CHOICE has welcomed the initial response of Health and Food Ministers to the report of the Food Labelling Review. Ministers have promised an alternative to the traffic light labelling system which all the evidence suggests helps consumers the most. It needs to work as well as traffic light labelling to gain consumer support.

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The Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council has released a discussion paper on gift cards. Restrictive expiry dates and other terms and conditions have been raised by Choice and consumer affairs agencies. Consumers have also lost when issues become insolvent.

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The Australian Consumer Law’s unfair contract terms provisions are set to be tested in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) after CFA member, the Consumer Action Law Centre issued proceedings against internship and work experience agency Borch Leeman on behalf of one of its clients. As well as the alleged unfair contract terms, Consumer…

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