Olive oil standard progress

FT-034 Olive Oils

The objective of the Olive Oil Standard is to provide industry with quality criteria and testing procedures; provide consumers with a clear indication of the nature and style of olive oil they are purchasing and to prevent substitution of inferior olive oil or other (non-olive) oils in olive oil sold in Australia.  Currently there is no Australian Standard for olive oil.  The CFA representative on this committee is John Furbank.

The committee recently discussed the distinction between Extra Virgin, Virgin, Ordinary Virgin and Lampante in relation to the results of the technical analysis conducted by the Olive Oil Association and established an upper composition fatty acid defect limit based on the findings.  Other issues discussed were the storage and shelf life, labeling/packaging concerns based on CFA, Choice and ACCC comments and olive oil spray.  Most of the labeling and other matters in the consumers interest have been accepted by the Committee.

The draft standard will soon be made available for public comment.

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