Of Eggs, Cots and Insurance Claims: Standards AustraliaConsumer Standing Forum

The first meeting of the reformed Consumer Standing Forum was held in Sydney on 14 September 2011. Representatives attended from CFA, Consumer Affairs Victoria, NSW Fair Trading, QLD Office of Fair Trading, ACCC and Standards Australia. It was chaired by John Furbank from the CFA.

The purpose of the CSF is to

a. raise with Standards Australia general consumer views on standards development issues;

b. facilitate feedback on standards matters of interest to consumers;

c. identify opportunities for promoting standards and standards development to consumers;

d. identify the need for consumer involvement on proposed projects; and

e. receive reports and provide input to the COPOLCO Mirror Committee (CMC)

Standards Australia provided a list of upcoming projects to consumer that included three projects from the ACCC (cots, prams/strollers and helmets) and one from SOCAP (10 0002 revision).

The CSF also discussed possible standards on free range eggs and insurance claims handling and assessment.

There was also discussion around appropriate consumer engagement with standard development on topics that impact consumers.

The forum will meet again in 6 months and provides an opportunity to consumer stakeholders to identify areas of standardisation needs as well as discussion of operational and strategic issues in standardisation.

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