Number woman needs your help to achieve fair call prices from mobiles

Here’s a message from Number Woman, working with CFA member ACCAN to make 1800 calls free from mobiles, and 13 calls the same price as from landlines.

In October we received exciting news: the communications regulator, the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA), has listened to community concerns about the cost of calling 1800, 1300 and 13 numbers from mobile phones. The ACMA is proposing to amend the Numbering Plan so that calls from mobiles to 1800 numbers will be free and 13 numbers will cost about 30 cents – just as they currently do from landlines.

Read a summary of the announcement here.

This is good news but there’s still work to do.

The telecommunications industry body has already said consumers don’t care about these changes. We’re concerned that parts of the telco industry might strongly resist these important reforms. The ACMA has asked for feedback on their proposed changes by Wednesday 30th November 2011.

We need your help

Use this website to make a submission to the ACMA encouraging them to stick to their guns. Once you’ve made your submission, tell a friend to take action on twitter or invite them to the facebook event.

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