National Hydrogen Strategy Issues papers – Consultation

The COAG Energy Council Working Group is consulting with industry and community to develop a national hydrogen strategy. Building on earlier engagement, the issues papers are seeking feedback on the potential role of policies and actions in realising hydrogen opportunities. Submissions close 28 July 2019.  Issues papers and more details here.

A list of the issues papers and a brief summary of each are below:

  1. Hydrogen at scale
    • how hydrogen is produced and why we need to produce it at scale to make our vision of being a major global player a reality
    • challenges and issues related to producing hydrogen at scale
  2. Attracting hydrogen investment
    • the investment environment, long-term market structure and financial support needed to commercialise and build a self-sustaining Australian hydrogen industry
    • possible sources of public and private financing
    • ongoing support and market settings needed to enable industry growth and ensure benefits to the Australian public
  3. Developing a hydrogen export industry
    • opportunities for developing an export market for Australian hydrogen with partner countries
  4. Guarantees of origin
    • the importance of traceability and certification to support regulatory systems and customer choices for hydrogen
    • international models, scheme requirements and governance arrangements
  5. Community acceptance and safety
    • current community perceptions of hydrogen technologies and environmental concerns, particularly around carbon emissions, water consumption and land use
    • lessons from other sectors and models for community engagement, including with Indigenous Australians
    • why community support is essential for production, transport, export and applications such as fuel cell vehicles and home heating.
  6. Hydrogen in the gas network
    • challenges and issues related to introducing hydrogen into Australia’s gas distribution networks
    • actions needed to start blending hydrogen into these networks
  7. Hydrogen to support electricity
    • the interplay between hydrogen production and electricity system operation
    • opportunities for clean hydrogen to contribute to resilience of electricity systems
  8. Hydrogen for transport
    • benefits, risks and barriers to using hydrogen as a transport fuel in Australia by 2030
  9. Hydrogen for industrial users
    • opportunities for hydrogen as a chemical feedstock and source of industrial heat