Money -Smart’s gone mobile

Wondering how to fill the time while waiting for your morning coffee or sitting in traffic on the bus? Now you can check your mortgage, look at your super balance and plan your next holiday with the MoneySmart mobile app.

The free mobile phone app gives you instant calculations on the go.
The app includes:

  • Savings calculator – Work out how fast you can save for your next big purchase, whether it’s an overseas trip, a home deposit or a car.
  • Loan calculator – Find out the repayments on a personal loan.
  • Mortgage calculator – Calculate the repayments on a home loan. See what they will be if interest rates change.
  • Superannuation calculator – Find out how much super you will have when you retire.
  • Interest-free deal calculator – Work out what your interest-free deal will really cost you

The app is available from the iTunes App store, the Android Market or, for other mobile phones, from our mobile site,

Download it for free and then tell the MoneySmart team what you think through social media.

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