ISO Unit Pricing Committee Meet in Japan

The following is an excerpt from an article contributed by John Furbank and Dr Clinton Weeks

Many Australian consumers are familiar with and regularly use unit pricing. In Australia Unit Pricing Regulations came into effect in July 2009. However, some unit prices are not easy to read and in other counties there is no unit pricing legislation and unit pricing is not provided or provided in an ad hoc manner. Recent results of unit pricing research conducted by QUT revealed benefits for both consumers and retailers.

In 2015 the International Standards Organisation (ISO) established a committee ISO/PC 294 Guidance on unit pricing with a view to developing an international guidance standard. CSA Secretary John Furbank was appointed Chair.

The sixth meeting of ISO/PC 294 Guidance on unit pricing was held in June in Tendo, Japan to examine the draft international standard that had been circulated to Committee members. CFA Executive member Ian Jarratt represented Consumers International.

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