Invitation to attend ACCC forum on digital platforms

The ACCC is inviting members of the public to a attend forum this month to share their experiences using digital platforms like Google and Facebook. The consumer forum will be held on 29 May in Melbourne. The ACCC is asking interested members of the public to come along and share their view on important issues such as the types of personal data that digital platforms collect and how this information is used. Information about the forum, including how to attend, is now available at the ACCC’s website:

For those unable to attend, the ACCC has set up a hub online for consumers to have their say about this important topic.

The ACCC published 57 submissions received from advertisers, consumers, digital platforms, journalists and media organisations as part of its digital platforms inquiry. The submissions canvassed a wide range of issues. Submissions also detailed the impact of digital platforms on the quality and choice of news in Australia, and the extent to which consumers are aware of how their data is collected and used. More information here

These events represent a great opportunity to meet with ACCC representatives and other individuals and business representative to share your views about how digital platforms operate in Australia.

If you have any questions about this forum please contact