Improving energy market competition through consumer participation

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On 7 March 2012, CFA member CUAC will host a launch for its latest research report Improving energy market competition through consumer participation.  This free event will feature perspectives from industry, regulators and the consumer sector speaking about ways to strengthen the retail energy market on the back of CUAC’s research findings.  Register now at

Opening remarks will be provided by:

  • The Hon Michael O’Brien MP, Minister for Energy and Resources and Minister for Consumer Affairs

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • David Stanford, Report author and CUAC Policy Officer
  • Tim Nelson, Head of Economics Policy and Sustainability at AGL
  • Dr Ron Ben-David, Chairperson, Essential Services Commission Victoria

The report found some barriers to effective consumer participation in the retail energy market including the complexity of navigating energy offers. A range of possible solutions to improve market operation are outlined in the report, including regulation to simplify the market and tools to promote consumer engagement with the market.

The event commences at 10:00 and will conclude at 11:30, with refreshments served afterwards.  The venue is the Lecture Theatre of the Royal Society of Victoria, 9 Victoria Street, Melbourne.

The event will present a variety of perspectives on the report’s contents and the state of the retail energy market. It will allow for consumer, industry, regulatory and government views to be shared. There will also be time for participants to share their own views and question our expert panel.

Make sure you register early so your place is guaranteed.


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