Humane Farm Animal Care application to register a CTM: invitation to comment

A chicken sitting in a barn next to two eggs

ACCC is inviting interested parties to comment on the Humane Farm Animal Care’s
application to register a certification trademark (CTM) in Australia.

The CTM intends to certify that animal derived products bearing the mark have complied with a range of Humane Farm Animal Care’s livestock and poultry welfare standards.  The mark bears the words ‘CERTIFIED HUMANE’ and is illustrated below.


Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) states in its application that
its purpose ‘is to improve the welfare of farm animals by providing viable,
credible, duly monitored standards for humane food production and ensuring
consumers that certified products meet these standards.’ HFAC was established in
the USA, and has operated there for some time.

The ACCC invites views on any aspect of the application,
including whether the HFAC CTM and associated rules are likely to raise any
competition concerns or may result in consumers being misled. In particular,
the ACCC is interested in views on whether the various farm animal welfare
standards contained in the rules would ensure that animals are treated in a way
that is consistent with Australian consumers’ reasonable expectations of
‘humane’ food production.

Submissions are due by Friday, 30 August 2019, and should be emailed to

Click here for more details on HFAC’s application.