Green Action Week 2019

A green field with wind turbines in the background

Green Action Week 2019 is taking place from Monday September 30 to Sunday October 6.

Unsustainable consumption is a relatively new phenomenon, and all over the world communities are pushing back against it. When people collaborate and share goods and services, it benefits the community as well as the environment. 

Green Action Week 2019 will showcase the new ideas, insight and innovations that are delivering impact and progress towards sustainable consumption and production. 

Consumers’ Federation of Australia has a representative on Standards Australia’s Technical Committee EV-021-02 Circular Economy, mirroring the work of ISO TC 232, which is working on a global vision of how an organisation can create a circular economy where nothing is wasted and everything gets reused or transformed.

Read more about Closing the loop: The benefits of the circular economy for developing countries and emerging economies (2016)

See also the UNEP report Fostering and communicating sustainable lifestyles (2016).

Find out more about the CFA Standards Project and how you can get involved as a consumer representative on a  standards committee here.