Consumer Representative Opportunity: Energy Queensland seeking EOIs to join it’s Customer and Community Council

Energy Queensland is Queensland’s 100% owned group of electricity distribution, retail, and services businesses. As a Government Owned Corporation, it delivers electricity across Queensland through it’s ‘poles and wires’ businesses Energex and Ergon Energy Network. It’s retailer, Ergon Energy Retail sells this electricity to customers throughout regional Queensland. These essential service activities are supported by a range of innovative infrastructure-related services delivered through Yurika. The Energy Queensland Group, formed in June 2016, energises Queensland communities from the Tweed River to Torres Strait and from Brisbane across to Birdsville. It also deliver services across Australia.

Energy Queensland has a vision to energise Queensland communities.  It’s corporate strategy is based on safely delivering secure, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions with customers and communities.  To achieve this, it is focused on four key strategic priorities across it’s portfolio of businesses: 

  • The safety of it’s people, customers and communities is Energy Queensland’s first priority – safety and network asset integrity remain at the forefront of our activities. 
  • Keeping the lights on – Energy Queensland’s role is to ensure electricity can be reliably and sustainably supplied to it’s customers. 
  • Financial sustainability – Energy Queensland will pursue ways to reduce indirect costs and deliver value for it’s business to improve its financial position. 
  • Improve and sustain employee engagement – Energy Queensland is embedding a people-centred culture, supported by advancing digital technologies, to be future ready.  

Energy Queensland realises that for it’s strategic priorities to be meaningful and to have impact, it is vitally important to work together with those stakeholders and organisations that represent our customers and communities. 

The Council provides a forum through which Energy Queensland can work together with stakeholder organisations that represent it’s customers and communities to explore ‘strategic issues’ relating to customer and community needs and expectations, emerging customer and community issues and initiatives in energy infrastructure and services, and the provision of energy solutions across Queensland.  

This is an exciting opportunity for interested customer and community stakeholders to submit a nomination to become part of Energy Queensland’s Customer and Community Council (the Council) – Energy Queensland’s key advocacy forum. Having established the Council in 2017 Energy Queensland is now taking the opportunity to refresh the Council membership to ensure its relevance and representation is up to date and delivers maximum value for Energy Queensland, it’s stakeholders, customers and the communities it serves.

All nominating organisations and nominees are requested to familiarise themselves with the Terms of Reference to ensure they are aware of, and committed to, the Purpose and Obligations associated with being a member of the Council. Nominations will be assessed, and individual members selected based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Nominating organisation’s membership and representation base
  2. Nominee’s skills and experience
  3. Nominee and organisational fit, considering other applications received, and
  4. Representation diversity requirements (ensure membership reflects diversity of our customers and communities)

Expressions of Interest close at 5pm Friday 28 January 2022.

For any queries about this Expression of Interest or to submit your supporting documentation please email

Source: contact from Energy Queensland

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