End of financial year scams

The end of the financial year is upon us and it’s time to be alert to scams which take advantage of consumers and small businesses at this time of year.

Small businesses should beware of a variety of false billing scams which often surface at the end of financial year including scam invoices for:
• advertising which was never requested or provided
• fake directory listings
• unordered or undelivered office supplies
• scam registration renewals.

Businesses and consumers should also be alert to callers offering scam investment opportunities.

As consumers prepare and submit their tax returns, they should be on the look out for unexpected scam calls and emails offering fake tax refunds. The recipient is asked to pay an upfront fee in order to receive their refund, however the refund doesn’t exist and the recipient will never receive any money.

For more information and to stay one step ahead of scammers, follow SCAMwatch on Twitter or visit the SCAMwatch website:  www.scamwatch.gov.au

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