Convertible tricycle strollers – have your say

Recent surveillance activities by the ACCC have identified many convertible tricycle strollers did not have important safety features such as brakes, appropriate harnesses, tether straps or suitable warnings required under the standard.  There are a wide variety of tricycles currently for sale in the market. Some tricycles closely resemble a traditional tricycle (sometimes with a handle to provide for parental control). Some convertible tricycles have multiple modes but have not been designed to transport a child. Other convertible tricycles have been designed to operate in one of their modes as a stroller (convertible tricycle strollers). ACCC is seeking your views before finalising any recommendations on revising the standard, find out more here. Submit your feedback by 19 November 2018.

Consumers Federation of Australia has a representative on the  Technical Committee CS-020 Prams and strollers as part of the CFA Standards Project – if you are interested in representing consumers on standards committees read more here