Consumers Society TV – The Buggle Baby Monitor

This week Consumers International launched a 90-second video that was created in partnership with the Internet Society. The video brings to life some of the security issues with smart devices in the home and is accompanied by five tips to help people connect SMART! Click below to watch the video.


The number of products and objects connected to the internet is rapidly expanding but testing by our members has found widespread security and privacy issues in many of them. Worryingly, some products are so insecure that someone with minimal hacking skills can access cameras and microphones, communicate directly with people in the house or access other devices in the home.

To help consumers understand the issue and give them some practical advice about how to protect themselves, and connect SMART, together with the Internet Society, we have created some top tips.

S – search for potential security and privacy issues before buying
M – make strong, unique passwords for each device
A – adjust settings for maximum security and privacy
R – regularly update software
T – turn off features you don’t need and device when not in use

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