Consumers International: Six highlights from World Consumer Rights Day

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A wide variety of activities took place in more than 60 countries. Six key highlights from this year include:

1. A 300% increase in coverage via Consumers International’s Facebook page during the week of WCRD. Please ‘like’ Consumers International on Facebook to see more photographs and activities as they continue to share updates on WCRD 2012

2. The first known celebration of WCRD in Afghanistan

3. Senator Blumenthal’s speech to the US Senate on WCRD, CI and consumer rights

4. An online article by Helen McCallum for Which? Conversation attracted comments from 13 other countries

5. Consumer surveys on switching and/or ‘move your money’ campaigns were launched in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary and Greece

6. A joint statement released by all CI’s members in Mexico calling for “safe, fair and competitive financial services” addressed to the Mexican Presidency of the G20

The day also received widespread coverage in the global media -more than  100 stories in influential outlets including the Financial Times (UK), Le Figaro (France), Le Tribunal (France), The Huffington Post (USA), O Globo (Brazil), La Jornada (Mexico,) CCTV (China), and the Times of India.

The attention that has been generated around the theme of promoting consumer choice in financial services has played a vital role both in supporting CI’s global campaigning efforts, as well as helping CI members to get these issues on their national agendas.