Consumers International releases statement on the future of food

To mark this year’s UN Food Systems Summit being held in late September, Consumers International (CI) has prepared a global consumer advocacy statement on the future of food.

The statement contains a set of people-centred solutions for the development of healthy, safe, fair, and sustainable food systems.

CI is the membership organisation for over 200 consumer groups across more than 100 countries, and the statement is a product of global consumer collaboration, outlining clear recommendations for governments in five key areas – access to food; food safety; healthy and sustainable food environments; fair and sustainable food systems; and consumer information.

The statement was launched at the recent UN Food Systems Pre-Summit, at CI’s affiliated session ‘Consumer Voices on the Future of Food’, the recording of which is available on CI’s website.

CI says that as we approach the head of state summit in September, it is essential that consumer rights and voices are included in conversations on food systems transformation. To deliver lasting and meaningful change, consumer rights and needs must become a priority, not an afterthought.

This article was written with information taken from a statement by Consumers International.

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