Consumer sovereignty in an age of republicanism

Ross Gittins photo

Ross Gittens delivers the 2011 Ruby Hutchison Memorial Address

The ACCC, in conjunction with CHOICE, presented the Ruby Hutchison Memorial Lecture delivered by Mr Ross Gittins AM, Economics Editor, Sydney Morning Herald on 6 June 2011.

Traditionally held on the eve of the annual national consumer conference, the Ruby Hutchison address is held in honour of Ruby Florence Hutchison (1892 1974), co-founder of the Australasian Consumers’ Association in 1959 and a pioneer of women’s rights in Western Australia who was the first woman elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council in 1954.

Mr Gittins presented on the topic of ‘Consumer sovereignty in an age of republicanism: Why the economic model isn’t working as it’s supposed to, why the political model isn’t working as it’s supposed to and what we can do about it.’

A transcript is available on the ACCC website.

What do you think of Gitten’s argument?

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