Consumer Representative Opportunity: Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee

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The Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee (the COBCCC) seeks a consumer representative to serve for a term of three years beginning in March 2020. 

The COBCCC is an independent compliance monitoring body established under Section 4 of the Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee Charter and Part E of the Code, under the authority of the Board of the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA). The purpose of the COBCCC is to ensure that Code Subscribers meet the standards of good practice set out in the Code. 

The COBCCC’s work is supported by a dedicated team of staff (the Compliance Manager) within the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and provides Code monitoring and administration services to the Committee and COBA by agreement.  

The COBCCC consists of an Independent Chair (appointed by COBA and AFCA Boards), an Industry Representative (appointed by COBA) and a Consumer Representative (appointed by the Consumers’ Federation of Australia). The Consumer Member of the COBCCC has a duty to comply with the Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee Charter (the Charter) and perform the functions of the Consumer Member of the COBCCC.  

A key part of the role is to contribute expertise regarding consumer experience and the consumer sector, and to exchange information with the consumer and community sector. The successful candidate will be required to work as part of a team with the committee’s other members, and contribute to the committee’s work overall. 

Key Accountabilities 

As part of the COBCCC:  

  • Oversee compliance monitoring and reporting including investigations and make decisions regarding breach allegations.  
  • Represent the interests of consumers and community on the COBCCC. 
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders.  
  • Other duties. 


Term of three years or as provided in the Charter. Maximum of two terms or as provided in the Charter. 

Time Fraction 

As and when required with a minimum number of three meetings in each period of 12 months as provided in the Charter. There are four meetings scheduled for 2020. 


Remuneration for the role is $26,00 per annum (including superannuation). 

The successful applicant will be selected by a nominations committee according to the CFA Policy on Consumer Representation.   

As this is a CFA representative role, the successful candidate must sign the CFA Representatives Agreement

Please send expressions of interest to Hannah Lind at, and include a CV and a short statement outlining why you would like to represent CFA on the committee. A copy of the full position description is available on request – please contact Hannah to obtain a copy. 

Applications COB Friday 10 January 2020.