Consumer representative opportunity – Clean Energy Council Industry Reference Group

The Clean Energy Council is seeking consumer advocacy representatives for its Industry Reference Group. The aim of the Industry Reference Group is to improve standards and industry integrity for the clean energy sector, through the following activities:

  • Providing group members with an overview of the processes and procedures for the relevant industry programs run by the CEC (Clean Energy Council).
  • Receiving progress reports on the CEC compliance programs,
  • Assisting the CEC to work with the Clean Energy Regulator, state and territory safety regulators and other relevant regulators on initiatives to improve the integrity of the sector,
  • Liaising with relevant committees of Standards Australia and other organisations to provide technical input to the development of Australian and international standards

The Reference Group will meet every 2nd month for about 2 hours, starting in September. For more information, see the group’s charter. Should you want to apply, or seek further information, please contact Meredith Garnder at

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