Consumer champion’s long fight for better use of medicines

Ken HarveyThe Choice Consumer Champion Award for 2012 has been won by long time consumer advocate Dr Ken Harvey, currently Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Public Health at La Trobe University. Dr Harvey has campaigned since the 1970s to improve regulations for the use and promotion of therapeutic goods.

Choice CEO Nick Stace says “Ken put himself in the firing line when he took on SensaSlim over its weight-loss product scam last year. The company sued Ken and the drawn out legal process came at great personal expense. Supporters assisted Ken cover his legal costs and his stand against SensaSlim was subsequently vindicated when he won the case.

“Because of Dr Ken Harvey’s fearless campaigning, SensaSlim was delisted and the company’s principals prosecuted. That’s a true victory for consumers,” says Mr Stace.

Over his career, and then in retirement, Dr Ken Harvey has campaigned on behalf of consumers to improve the regulations for the use and promotion of therapeutic goods.

While working at Royal Melbourne Hospital in the 1970s, Ken became concerned about the inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics, and so began his interest in ethical promotion of medicines. After a distinguished career both internationally and in Australia, Ken is currently an adjunct associate professor in the School of Public Health, La Trobe University.

See the Choice web site for more, including a video interview with Dr Harvey.