Consultations and Reviews

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Right to Repair

The Productivity Commission has released an issues paper to assist individuals and organisations to prepare submissions to the Inquiry into Right to Repair.

Right to Repair is a consumer’s ability to repair faulty goods, or access repair services, at a competitive price. This can include repair by a manufacturer, a third-party, or self-repair.

The inquiry will consider a range of issues impacting the Australian repair market, including potential barriers and enablers of greater competition.

The issues paper outlines:

  • the scope of the inquiry
  • the Commission’s procedures
  • matters about which the Commission is seeking comment and information
  • how to make a submission.

View the issues paper here.

Submissions on the issues paper are due by 01 February 2021.

More opportunities to participate in the review of the food regulation system

Consultations are currently occurring on two more phases of the major review of the food regulation system that operates in Australia and New Zealand.

Stakeholder views are being sought on consultation papers prepared by consultants on:

  • Consistency of food regulatory approaches (responses due by 18 December)
  • Aspirations for the food regulatory system (responses due by 22 January)

The consultation papers and questions are available here:

Consistency consultation

Aspirations consultation

CFA is participating in both consultations and is collaborating on them with other interested organisations. Any CFA members interested in contributing to CFA’s responses to the consultation papers should contact