Compulsory recall of teeth whiteners

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon David Bradbury MP, has ordered a company to recall two teeth whitening products in order to protect consumers from unsafe peroxide levels.

The recalled products are supplied by Pro Teeth Whitening (Aust) Pty Limited and are “Bright White Express – Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit” and “PROTEETH WHITENING – Professional Teeth Whitening Pen.” They contain hydrogen peroxide in excess of the recognised safe limit of 6% w/w. This safe limit is set by the Poisons Standard 2011, by expert clinical advice and by scientific risk assessments.

Teeth whiteners containing excessive concentrations of bleaching agents have caused chemical burns to the gums and the mouth, blistered lips, ulceration of the mouth and throat, tooth sensitivity, marbled or unnaturally coloured teeth, tissue tingling and headaches. Consumers are advised to read ingredient labels carefully and not to use such products unless they contain a safe concentration of bleaching agent.

Since late last year, a total of 22 teeth whitening products have been recalled voluntarily by 8 suppliers. Details of these recalls are available from the Recalls Australia website.

Pro Teeth Whitening (Aust) Pty Limited has 3 days to comply with the compulsory recall order. Consumers can keep up to date by checking progress on the Recalls Australia website.

All recalled products have been supplied directly to consumers for ‘do it yourself’ use.


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